Big Auction Items - The live auction will start at 8pm (Japan Time).

A Screen
B Screen
Early Ending Items

If an item has no bids it may be ended early rather than having the timer run out. Please be sure to place your bids quickly if there are no pre-bids.

FAQs and Points to Note
When if you are the winning bidder, the screen will change.

If you are the current winning bidder, the area around the current price will turn yellow.

If you are not the current winning bidder, the area around the price will stay (or return to) white.

Be careful when using a smartphone.
In the live auction you can quickly place a bid with a single tap. Please be careful not to accidentally place a bid when scrolling.
What are A Screen and B Screen?
Sometimes the auctions can run past their scheduled end time so the live auction has been split across two screens. Please check which screen the items you would like to buy will appear on using the time schedule.
What is the bidding period?
15 seconds.
I'd like more information.
Please refer here for the big auction help page. You'll find more information on how to participate, bid increments and so on.